Some Stuff I’ve Written Recently

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Since this is a platform for my writing, I’ll be posting bi-weekly (I think) with links to some of the pieces I’ve published lately. This is so everyone can stay up to date on my writing because you guys are, like, dying to read all my writing, right? RIGHT?

Like every job ever, there are times I’m more proud of my work than others. Some weeks my head isn’t in the game. Some weeks there isn’t much to write about. Some weeks it’s just a job. That said, these links may not necessarily be my all-time favorite pieces. If you are looking to read my all-time favorite pieces, click here.

Alright, blah blah blah. Below are some articles I’ve published recently that I thought you may be interested in reading.

The Television Articles

16 MAJOR Spoilers We Already Know About Game Of Thrones Season 7 on

The Worst Ways Game of Thrones Could Actually End on

16 Reasons Daenerys Targaryen Should NOT End Up On The Iron Throne on

Who Your Game of Thrones Boyfriend Is, Based on Your Zodiac Sign on

15 Major Theories About Who Will End Up On The Iron Throne on

16 Game of Thrones Characters Who Are Total Fuck Boys on

15 Hottest Daenerys Targaryen Cosplays on

Game of Thrones: The Cast’s Steamiest Beach Photos on

Then and Now: Comparisons of the Pretty Little Liars Cast on

Sex and the TV, Game of Thrones, Olenna Tyrell
About all my ex-fuckboys.

The Sexy Articles

15 Ways To Tell You’re The Best He’s Ever Had (Without Asking) on

Here’s 15 Reasons Why You SHOULD Be Editing Your Nudes on

The Sleaziest Moves Girls Always Fall For on

16 Ways To Say Goodbye To Being Single on

The Other Articles

Shocking Details About R. Kelly’s Alleged Cult on

16 Messed Up Things Every Woman Would Do If The World Were Ending Tomorrow on

15 Shockingly Dark Rules About The Amish Way Of Life on

Where in the World Is Eliza Dushku? on

15 Celebrity Parties That Are WAY Over-Done on

15 Things That People Used To Be Sent To Mental Asylums For (But Are Totally Normal Now) on

And that’s it. Happy Monday! May your week be better than Viserion’s. I’m sorry, is it too soon for me to be so cold? Get it… cold? Okay, I’ll stop. Bye!


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