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I haven’t updated this blog in a while because… Well, I’ve been  busy, OKAY? But seriously, I’ve been busy writing for other publications and working on a book proposal that I’ll probably finish in 2097. I figured I’d share the linksies and maybe you’ll take a looksies at some of my articles if you feel so inclined. I’ll try to update with a sexy post soon.

Some Of My Recent Favorites

People Aren’t Happy Justin Timberlake Might Be Performing At The Super Bowl While Janet Jackson Is Still Banned on

15 Famous Crazy Ex-Girlfriends You Could Learn A Thing From on

Winona Ryder Was Pretty Much Ousted From Hollywood Until Stranger Things, And The Reason Why Will Piss You Off on

Map Reveals The States In America With The Most STIs And Florida Is Actually Not That Bad on

15 Celebrities Who Are Most Probably Secretly Witches on

This Woman Started Taking Selfies With Her Catcallers To Make A Powerful Point About Street Harassment on

Daily vibe.

The Television-ish Articles

The Disney Channel Will Soon Have Its First Gay Main Character on

16 Times Daenerys And Cersei Were Basically The Same Person on

17 Major Reasons Cersei Lannister Actually Does Deserve The Iron Throne on

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Are Actually Hilarious Together And Clearly Have The Best Marriage on

Game of Thrones: 16 Things Every Fan Needs To Know About The Dragons on

Casting It 2: 16 Actors Who Should Play The Adults In The Sequel on

18 Women Who Were Victims Of Harvey Weinstein on

Here’s The 16 Most Questionable People In Hollywood on

Times Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Were The Most Hilarious (And Adorable) Couple Around on

17 Reasons Why The New The Walking Dead Season Will Suck on

Other daily vibe.

The Other Articles

Everything You’ve Been Too Afraid To Ask About Squatty Potties on

Ways Dating Apps Are Harder For Anyone Who Isn’t White As Wonder Bread on

This Wellness Blogger Falsely Claimed She Cured Her Own Brain Cancer And Now She Owes $400,000 on

Homeless Etiquette: Here’s How To Not Be A Jerk To Homeless People on

15 Reasons Why Being Amish Is Better Than Being A Celebrity on

You Can Now Tweet In 280 Characters, And Users Are Already Doing The Most With It on

Food Trends That Will Be A Thing In 2018 on

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