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The Period Humor on Broad City Is Both Revolutionary and Important on

“These Broad City scenes are important because they make light of menstruation in ways that are both comical and actually feel as if they were written by women, rather than by men writing jokes about what they think a period is. In a society that is generally quiet about menstruation, not shying away from it and, rather, making it the main comedic plot of an entire episode is a pretty big deal.”


13 Reasons Why: 16 Times Hannah Was The Actual Worst on

“In a way, it feels almost disrespectful to say anything bad about Hannah Baker’s character, as she was a teenage girl who killed herself. By design, she is a character for whom the audience immediately feels sympathy. We are told, from the very start, that she is going to kill herself, which makes it hard for the audience to form an objective opinion of her character. But, objectively speaking, sometimes Hannah was the actual worst.”


People Aren’t Happy Justin Timberlake Might Be Performing At The Super Bowl While Janet Jackson Is Still Banned on

“Though Timberlake would definitely give a great show, the double standards behind the decision to let him perform are obvious to anyone. And the more you delve into the details, the more you realize the least offensive and despicable aspect of this whole fiasco is an exposed nipple.”


16 Game of Thrones Characters Who Are Total Fuck Boys on

“Even though there aren’t phones or Snapchat or Tinder on Game of Thrones, the male characters still find ways to be the worst. That’s right, in a world literally without toothbrushes, fuck boys still exist. Um, so I guess the lesson here is that there’s basically no hope for us women ever…? GREAT.”


Gilmore Girls: Questions We STILL Have After The Revival on

“Did Dean’s first wife, Lindsay, ever get her townhouse and a car? Can we start a new fan theory that Lindsay is actually Odette? After being so embarrassed in Stars Hollow, Lindsay ran away to Europe and changed her name to Odette. Little does Lindsay/Odette know that Rory is once again the other woman in her relationship! It sounds more like a plot of Gossip Girl. XOXO.”


Gilmore Girls Fans All Missed The Most Obvious Clue About Those Last Four Words on

“In Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the final four words were revealed, leaving many fans shocked. The fact that Rory, who had relied on making plans and to-do lists throughout much of the series, had accidentally gotten pregnant was, after all, very shocking. While many clues pointing to Rory’s pregnancy have since surfaced, it seems that fans of the show may have missed the most obvious clue of Rory’s pregnancy. Spoiler alert, it has to do with coffee.”


Mattel Just Released Their First Hijab-Wearing Barbie And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It on

“While children may enjoy Barbie for her gorgeous outfits, her cool cars, and her Malibu dream house, it’s important for Mattel to acknowledge the responsibility they have to introduce young girls to diversity and to make all kids feel included. By introducing a Barbie with a hijab, Mattel did just that.”


Essena O’Neill Quits Social Media, Only To Become More Famous on

“I fear we are approaching a world where nobody can have a private breakdown anymore, and a person’s worst moments remain indelible. There should be a certain privacy in which teenagers can blossom into adults, but social media has taken it away from them. Until now, growing up was done in private; teenagers were largely left alone to become adults. Social media, for all it has given us as a platform for expression, has also robbed adolescents of an easy anonymity.”


15 Ways Disney Princesses Ruined Us Forever on

“Also, how is it that their hair is always perfect? Ariel never deals with pesky beach waves that look a little less Sports Illustrated and a little more real life. Jasmine’s hair looks perf even after her magic carpet ride. Pocahontas sings with all the colors of the wind and looks like she’s Beyoncé in a music video. Uh, I guess Pocahontas isn’t wearing any lip gloss because long hair + wind + lip gloss = disaster.”


Winona Ryder Was Pretty Much Ousted From Hollywood Until Stranger Things, And The Reason Why Will Piss You Off on

“Thankfully, Ryder has now returned to the spotlight in all her glory in Netflix’s Stranger Things. But her time away from Hollywood – whether from personal choice or supposedly tarnished reputation – shows just how harshly celebrities, particularly female ones, are judged by the public.”


Getting Proposed To Was Different Than I Imagined, Here’s Why on

“Based on portrayals in movies and television shows, and your friends’ stories, you’re probably under the impression that being proposed to will be one of the most romantic moments in your entire life. Maybe for some people it is. But for me, it wasn’t at all. It was sort of confusing and awkward. It’s like when you know the answer to a question on a test and you’re trying to search through your brain for it. Basically, the entire time I was being proposed to, I was just trying to figure out what is happening.”


17 Huge Plot Holes in Buffy the Vampire Slayer That Still Make Us Mad 20 Years Later on

Buffy The Vampire Slayer had very basic vampire rules. A wooden stake in the heart would kill a vampire. Vampires couldn’t be in sunlight. Vampires needed to be invited into a home. All that good traditional vampire stuff. While the show built its supernatural world in a very believable way, it still fell victim to quite a few vampire-related plot holes.”


I Have An Untraditional Engagement Ring and People Are Not Cool With It on

“Despite how much society has recently advanced in its view of marriage, it seems that women and men alike still only consider a true engagement ring to be a pretty little diamond sitting on your pretty little ring finger.”


15 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed in Game of Thrones Season 6 on

“Like anything with a huge, obsessive following, the creators have done their best to reward the very loyal audience with some fun Easter eggs to find and then analyze the hell out of. In some cases, the Easter eggs are call backs to an earlier plot point or scene, but in other cases, the Easter eggs are loaded with mystery and hinting towards some possible huge reveals. So, what could these little clues mean for all of our favorite citizens of the Seven Kingdoms?”