Here’s Why Cersei Lannister’s Pregnancy May Mean She’s Outsmarted the Gods

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So far, Game of Thrones’ seventh season has been one bomb after another bomb: Olenna Tyrell’s deathbed confession, Viserion’s death and resurrection, Grey Worm’s ability to bone, my newest boyfriend Dickon Tarly’s early death. I will never forgive Daenerys for that last one, by the way. Depriving Westeros of that jawline is not okay. Not to mention his perfectly subtle facial hair that I can only imagine would feel so good rubbing against my skin.

But enough about Dickme Tarly. One of the bombs was dropped by Cersei Lannister when she told twin-brother-lover Jaime she’s pregnant with his child. For a detail-oriented audience member, this may have been the biggest bomb of all, as it completely goes against Cersei’s prophecy.

If you’ve forgotten about Cersei’s prophecy, here’s a refresher:

Let’s unpack this, shall we?

1. When Cersei asked if she would marry the prince, she was talking about Rhaegar Targaryen, who she crushed on hard. With keeping Sansa’s boner for Joffrey in mind, it seems all Westeros princes have the same effect on women as Leonardo DiCaprio did in 1999. Meaning they just drop their panties for any prince of the Iron Throne. And yes, I do mean Rhaeger, as in Daenerys’ old brother and Jon Snow’s father because Game of Thrones was almost a MUCH different place. While Tywin was all about this marriage (because he was a power-hungry fucktard), the Mad King shot it down. We all know Cersei Lannister then went on to marry Robert Baratheon, thus fulfilling the ‘marry the king’ part of the prophecy.

2. Cersei’s fear and loathing for the young, beautiful female characters has always stemmed from this prophecy, as she’s assumed it would be one of them who would cast her down and take all she holds dear.

First there was Sansa Stark, betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon. Sansa fit all of the boxes – another queen, younger, more beautiful. Oddly enough, Cersei treated Sansa in a way that was ridiculously kind, y’know for Cersei. I mean, she never braided Sansa’s hair or anything, but she did mentor her. This was likely because Cersei saw just how pliable Sansa was at this young age.

Next came Margaery Tyrell, who was also betrothed to Joffrey and also fit all those boxes. Being that Margaery was not as pliable as and 1000% more cunning than Sansa, Cersei Lannister went pretty much head to head with her, which culminated in the explosion of the Sept. With Margaery’s death, Cersei successfully offed someone she considered a potential candidate for her prophecy foe.

Theories about the prophecy now bank on this rival queen being Daenerys Targaryen or still Sansa Stark, as both of whom would make sense. There are also some theories that it’s Brienne of Tarth and the beautiful is referring to inner beauty. And what a cruel twist would that be, as Cersei would never see that coming.

Long story short, this part of the prophecy hasn’t fully panned out, as no one has cast Cersei down and taken all she holds dear.

3. Robert Baratheon went on to have a zillion bastards, all of whom are seemingly dead except for my sweet, sweet Gendry. Cersei went on to have her three children, Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen. The “gold will be their crowns” part refers to the fact that all three children had blonde hair like their parents, Cersei and Jaime. Gold their shrouds refers to their deaths, as shrouds are a garment deceased people are dressed in for their funerals. (I had to look that last part up because I had no clue what a shroud was. I thought it sounded like a type of mushroom.)

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You poor, sweet summer child.

Whew. Unpacked that. As you can see, much of this prophecy has come true already. Except Cersei’s now pregnant with a fourth child. So… um… what the actual fuck?

A quick search on the Internet pulls up several theories about Cersei’s pregnancy in relation to her prophecy. The most obvious theory is that she’s lying, but that seems too easy to me. Lying about a pregnancy to get your twin-brother-lover to pay attention to you is a basic bitch move. And Cersei Lannister is no basic bitch. Another popular theory is that Cersei will be killed before birthing this child, thus keeping her baby count at three. This seems more likely, though it makes me wonder why they would bother with a baby plot this late in the game? It has to pay off in some way.

Optimistic theories discuss the fact that Cersei Lannister had always acted in the best interest of her children, so the promise of a new child may actually push her to rule in the best interest of Westeros. YEAH, OKAY. I don’t think that’s good ol’ Cersei Lannister’s mindset right now. I think Cersei Lannister literally thinks she literally beat the literal gods.

By blowing up the Sept, Cersei Lannister took down Margaery Tyrell, who was a frontrunner in terms of fitting the bill for Cersei’s prophecy foe. Cersei may think that in blowing up Margaery she took down the younger, more beautiful queen, thus beating her prophecy. It would then be no real shock to Cersei that she conceived a fourth child after Margaery’s death, as she may take this as confirmation she’s outsmarted her prophecy and the gods. Cersei may see this fourth child as a sign that she is above all gods and all fates, which would make her a frightening Cersei 2.0.

Because of her age and the level of medical advancements, the most likely outcome for this pregnancy is, of course, a miscarriage. This miscarriage could be what kills Cersei, which may fulfill her prophecy in an odd way. In the books, Maggy the Frog goes on to tell Cersei, “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

This part of the prophecy wasn’t aired on the show, but most fans feel it will still play into Cersei’s demise on the show. “Valonqar” is High Valyrian for “little brother,” which is one of many reasons why Cersei has always despised Tyrion, as she’s assumed he would be the little brother who kills her. However, many theories point to Jaime Lannister being the little brother in question, as he is the younger twin. But PLOT TWIST, death by this miscarriage could still fulfill the prophecy, as the child could be the “little brother” of her three previous children. Remember prophecies are usually vague as fuck so we can interpret them in 600 different ways.

The scariest scenario of all is Cersei miscarrying and living through it. She currently has a sliver of hope that she has sidestepped her awful fate, but a miscarriage will bring back the fear the prophecy may still play out exactly as it was said. Just imagine a situation in which Cersei thinks she’s outsmarted the gods and her prophecy, only to find out that no, she did not outsmart the gods and this pregnancy was just a cruel joke. This hope for a future being taken from her, this feeling of complete power followed by complete powerlessness, this reminder that she cannot outsmart the gods nor her fate is what may send Cersei Lannister on a warpath like we’ve never seen before. The only thing scarier than a Cersei Lannister who thinks she’s outsmarted the gods is a Cersei Lannister who wants to burn the gods to the ground.

By the way, I’m truly cruel and hope that final scenario is what happens. My favorite Cersei Lannister is a vengeful Cersei Lannister.

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