About Veronica

Veronica Walsingham is a writer, editor and online content creator living in Los Angeles. She writes about the entertainment industry, celebrity news, pop culture and feminist issues. Her work has appeared on sites such as InStyle, Hellogiggles, Bust, xoJane, The Liberty Project and several others. For a more detailed look at her published works, click here.

Veronica has also had her poetry and short stories published in publications such as Painted Bride Quarterly, The Lost Coast Review, and Underground Pool.


About The Blog

This is a blog about sex, and television, and sex on television, and having sex with the television on, and any other combination of sex and television. At its best, it seeks to examine the correlation between sex on television and sex in real life. At its worst, it is about Jon Snow’s ball hair. There may also be posts about whatever else Veronica feels like writing about, y’know because she paid for the domain name and all.

For a more detailed rambling about why Veronica started this blog and what this blog is about, click here.